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wire and mesh

2019-08-19  From: NANYANG HWAYEE INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD. Browsing times:64

Mesh screen is a large classification of all kinds of wire and wire products, which is a general designation of monofilament and screen. Mesh mainly refers to the wire made of metal, synthetic fiber and other materials; mesh is a mesh of different shapes, densities and specifications woven or punched according to different ways with wire, metal plates, strips and other materials.


It is made of chemical fiber , metal wire and various kinds of wire by certain textile methods. The main application of 7a64e78988e69d8331333363383436 is "screening, filtering, printing, fixation, prevention and protection".


Wire and mesh


Wire mainly refers to the wire made of metal and non-metal materials; the mesh is made ofwire, which is woven into different shapes, densities and specifications according to the needs. Wire refers to wire, such as stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, brass wire, PVC wire, etc. Mesh refers to the mesh products processed by wire (wire) with a certain process, such as Hehuang screen screen, window screen, steel plate screen, punching screen, guardrail screen, filter screen, conveyor belt, conveyor belt, PVC mesh, etc. Wire screen is a traditional industrial product in China, which has a wide range of applications in scientific research, production and life. With the rapid development of science and technology, the use of wire mesh and petroleum, chemical, automotive, paper, food, construction, aviation, aerospace and other industries and high-tech fields.


Screen is a large classification of a kind of fabric, also known as screen.


Press material


Wire mesh, stainless steel wire mesh, copper wire mesh, rare metal mesh, etc.


By weaving


Plain weave mesh, twill weave mesh, sheet weave mesh, roll before roll, roll after roll. From the production process classification can be divided into: woven mesh, welding mesh, punching mesh, punching mesh (steel mesh).




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